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Welcome to Whittaker Auto Salvage

Operating for more than 25 years in Earlville, Ill, Whittaker Auto Salvage can help residents recycle and dispose of unwanted items.

We will dispose of items such as fence wire, farm plows, appliances, cars, and trucks. We accept a variety of scrap metals for recycling and pay the market price per pound for metals such as copper, tin, and aluminum. Large trash containers are also available for scrap metal pickup, so farmers and homeowners can clean up their property by collecting old scrap metal. Whittaker Auto Salvage will pay customers for the metal returned in the dumpster.

These containers are also available for home improvement projects such as roofing or demolition. Whittaker Auto Salvage will haul the remains to the landfill for a fee.

We are now also located in Sandwich, IL. Scrap services are available at our Earlville location and Auto parts are available at our Sandwich location.

Vehicle parts are also available for purchase at Whittaker Auto Salvage.

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