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1365 N. 45th Rd.
Earlville, IL 60518

Family Owned & Operated Auto Salvage in Earlville, IL

Operating for more than 25 years from the same location in Earlville, IL, we take anything from fence wire to farm plows to cars and trucks. Whittaker Auto Salvage can help local residents recycle and dispose of unwanted items that include old appliances and vehicles. The Whittaker family, Wes, Jessica and their son Bob, own and operate Whittaker Auto Salvage. Our staff, including Austin Roth, is equipped to help you not only clean up your property and dispose of unwanted items while making it easier to recycle those materials, but also maybe get some cash back.
At Whittaker Auto Salvage, we understand how important recycling is. If you have a car you no longer want, we will personally pick it up, pay you for it, crush it, and recycle it. Stop by our shop or call us today to learn more!